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Sizes Available: 24″ x 48″ (LEAFC5)

Use: Suitable for wall and floor application

Item Description: The Paris Series is a 4.8mm porcelain tile that is almost twice as strong as regular porcelain tile, with a water absorption rate of only 0.05%. The tile comes in five base colors with a number of different designer prints associated with each base color. The Paris Series can be used on the installation of a new floor, or it can be applied directly on existing tile without the additional cost or downtime in removal. It is a great green product that uses half the raw material to produce, and can save existing floors from being ripped out and taken to landfills. This product contributes to LEED certification.

Because of its strength and low water absorption rate, The Paris Series can be installed as an exterior veneer.

Technical data and testing available upon request

Large quantity orders will receive special pricing.